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Cutting-Edge CNC Services For Oil & Gas/Energy

Meeting High Expectations

Absolute Machine & Tooling, a ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions partner, has a long track record of producing resilient oil, gas, and energy sector parts to exacting specifications. As a Texas-based CNC machine shop and experienced CNC oilfield services company, we know heat, pressure, dirt and corrosive fluids are part of everyday life in this field. To ensure the parts we make can handle those conditions, we use only quality materials and techniques specific to the application. That means generous flange and wall thicknesses for strength, large radii and smooth surface finishes to eliminate stress risers, and of course, the highest possible high levels of dimensional accuracy.

Small variations in key dimensions can lead to big variations in performance. Run by our skilled machinists, our modern oilfield CNC machining tools provide both accuracy and repeatability. That’s why you can be sure every manifold, flange and pump component we produce will be exactly what you need.

Reliability & Durability From Your CNC Precision Machining Provider

When you work in the oil sector, you need suppliers you can trust. We’re dedicated to producing the durable machined parts you need with the reliable and transparent CNC oilfield services you deserve. Whether you need one part or a batch, we aim for the fastest possible turnaround because we know time really is money.