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Leading Capabilities Among CNC Manufacturers in Texas

At Absolute Machine and Tooling, a ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions partner, we mill and turn to exacting specifications. Our machinists are comfortable holding tolerances to mere fractions of a micron and we verify all projects with detailed metrology. The prototype, one-off and series production parts that we produce regularly exceed the expectations of customers in the most demanding industries.


Complex Geometries

Challenging-to-make parts for down-hole, well-head and other oilfield applications… Small parts with complex geometries and intricate features for medical applications…. Precise surface finishes that deliver outstanding performance... We can produce them all in our CNC machine shop.

High Strength Alloys

Whether your parts need 7000 series aluminum, titanium or a superalloy, we can help. Our experienced machinists work with all types of hard-to-machine, high strength, lightweight alloys. We engineer precision components in stainless steel and other heat and corrosion-resistant alloys.

Parts for Precision Machinery

Spares and replacement parts for equipment of all types, including pumps, filtration systems, handling devices and more. Texas semiconductor manufacturers call us when they need precision CNC machining services to keep their equipment running.