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6 Surefire Reasons to Choose CNC Laser Cutting For Your Metal Parts

A CNC laser cutting machine delivers superhuman accuracy, reduced waste, rapid turnaround times, and more. Learn all the advantages here.

CNC laser cutting

CNC laser cutting systems are renowned for their precision, efficiency, and versatility — even when cutting challenging materials such as tough steel alloys, tungsten, and titanium. If you’re hoping to cut intricate details with clean lines, you’re looking in the right place. 

Advanced metal cutting services of this type are really a marriage of two technologies: laser cutting and a CNC system.

  • Laser Cutting: The word “laser” is actually an abbreviation for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” The idea of metal laser cutting is to point a focused beam of light (the laser) at the metal’s surface, using its heat to vaporize or melt the metal and create a cut or engraving with a high level of accuracy.
  • CNC Machining: An abbreviation of “Computer Numerical Control,” this is an automated control system that is able to interpret a digital design file. The system then automatically controls the movement of the laser to make consistent, repeatable cuts with tolerances that are accurate to the fraction of a micron.

Manufacturers can utilize CNC laser cutting services to create perfectly shaped single-piece metal products, or to craft consistent parts for welding or fabrication of sub-assemblies or complete products.

Reasons to Opt For CNC Laser Cutting Services

A CNC process may be the right move for your metal parts if any of the following is a top priority:

1. Superhuman Accuracy

Unlike people, lasers aimed by computers don’t make mistakes. They can also repeat those cuts exactly, every time, and make perfectly accurate measurements instantaneously. We regularly hold tolerances within +/- .001 microns (mm) or +/- .001 inches. This exceptional precision and accuracy in cutting metal parts is highly desirable when cutting intricate or irregularly shaped designs with tight tolerances.

2. More Cost-Effective For Prototyping

CNC laser cutting is cost-effective for prototyping because it sets up quickly and can produce small batches without extensive re-tooling of the equipment. The adaptability of the laser makes it optimal for the testing and refining stages of product design. The digital nature of a CNC laser cutting system also allows for quick programming adjustments as you iterate on a design. This flexibility is ideal for evolving projects and prevents significant downtime between versions of the part.

3. Rapid Turnaround Time

Sheet metal laser cutting is a remarkably fast and efficient process compared to making manual cuts. According to one recent article on The Fabricator, a CNC laser may produce “around $3,000 [in parts] per hour of active operation.” Human machinists, by comparison, must “measure twice, cut once,” slowing the process down as they take care to avoid mistakes. Between high cutting speeds and perfectly precise and repeatable movements, a CNC process substantially reduces overall cutting time and increases productivity.

4. Clean Cuts, Even on Challenging Metals

CNC laser cutting results in extremely clean and burr-free cuts compared to other processes. This minimizes the need to account for additional finishing time (for sanding, grinding, or otherwise fixing rough edges). A powerful CNC laser can penetrate even the toughest inch-thick sheet metals with impressive, nearly flawless results.

5. Reduced Material Waste

The precise nature of a CNC machine naturally minimizes material waste. The focused laser beam cuts to tight tolerances, allowing you to optimize how many unique parts can come from each sheet of metal and produce far less total scrap than manual cutting methods. This saves money on material, makes your process more environmentally friendly, and reduces the amount of time and space spent on ordering and stocking additional material.

6. Intricate Designs & Complex Shapes

Once programmed, the CNC system can replicate the same cuts without error on as many new parts as you need. The complexity of the cuts doesn’t matter — only that your initial programming is correct. For this reason, CNC lasers are excellent for custom metal laser cutting on large runs of parts with complex shapes and intricate designs.

The Precision of Our CNC Metal Laser Cutting Services is Unbeatable

If you’re looking for the absolute precision of a CNC laser and the skilled professionals who can optimize your design, look no further. Absolute Machine and Tooling, a ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions partner, has decades of industry experience in laser cutting metals to the exact specifications of our clients and the advanced CNC lasers to handle projects with the most complex requirements. 

No tolerance is too tight — the more challenging the project, the more excited we are to get to work. Get in touch with our team today to share the details of your project and receive a quick quote.

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