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The Absolute Machine and Tooling Approach

Absolute Machine and Tooling, a ReNEW Manufacturing Solutions partner, has spent decades serving clients across industries from healthcare to oil fields, aerospace, semiconductors, and beyond. We’ve earned a reputation for quality, speed, and the fair prices it takes to make every machining project a success.

High-Precision Machining Capabilities


CNC Machining

Take advantage of precision machining services with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machine capabilities. No requirements are too complex. No tolerance is too tight. Our team has experience in materials from metals to plastics and beyond.



With leading-edge tech and a trained eye for detail, the AMT team consistently produces top-quality parts. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver fast, impressive results on every cut, turn, punch, and stamp.



Tight tolerances don’t scare us — AMT is a high-precision machine shop that holds tolerances to a thousandth of a micron. We measure and verify the accuracy and precision of every job with careful metrology. Work with us for consistent confidence in all specifications.

Build-to-Print, Ready-to-Order

AMT specializes in build-to-print services that are completed at a fair price, faster, and with higher quality than you’ll find from competing providers.

We leverage all the latest technology to your advantage for everything from First Article Production & Prototyping to full production runs. Nothing about your vision has to be compromised and each part we provide will be perfectly precise. Absolutely no exceptions.

Long-Standing Company

Our team has decades of industry experience manufacturing top-of-the-line products that our clients depend on.

Our absolute machining capabilities are second to none. We strictly adhere to not only your exact specifications but to all industry standards and quality guidelines. The more complicated the project, the more excited we are to work on it.

Let Our Family Serve Yours

At AMT, we pride ourselves on being more than just another CNC machine shop.

A family presence in our operation has been here from the start. Thanks to Van Witbeck, who founded AMT in 1994 and is still involved with the company today, along with his son Brent, our team continues to showcase exceptional family values. We treat all clients with the trust, dependability, care, and attention to detail that we show each other.

AMT Our Family _ AMT-1

Your High-Precision CNC Machining Partner

If you're located in or around Leander Texas and want to find out more about our tooling capabilities, or if you just want to speak to someone about your own needs in a bit more detail, please click the button below to contact the AMT team today and request a quote.